Rights Respecting Schools

We were delighted to be awarded Rights Respecting Schools Silver: Rights Aware status in August 2022.  This is the culmination of years of hard work across the school and wider community.
We intend to apply for Gold next session.  There will be many opportunities for young people, staff and the wider community to get involved.

Rights Respecting Schools update March 2024

Rights Respecting Schools 2023-24 Update Oct 2023

Rights Respecting Schools Newsletter  Feb 2022

Rights Respecting Schools-Update Feb 2022

Our Affiliated Groups within Holyrood Rights Respecting School.
Period Dignity Group 
  • This group ensures that every young person has access to period products.
  • It also has plans to educate young people in Holyrood about the law surrounding period products and how they should be accessed. 
  • We also hope to run a number of pupil health sessions for young people in our school. 
  • If you would like to join then please contact Mrs Ford.
VIP Room
  • Be a volunteer for a hugely successful VIP room. 
  • THe VIP room is situated in the Conference Room during BGE lunchtime and relies on Senior volunteers.
  • As part of your volunteering you’ll be able to earn a Higher Leadership Award. 
  • If you are interested in joining please contact Mrs Ford. 

Anti-Racism Alliance
  • We are a new group in Holyrood keen to tackle racism and inequality. 
  • We intend to celebrate important dates such as Black History Month and World Hijab Day. 
  • We hope to continue our S6 Culture Day and to raise awareness of Ramadan and its importance in our local community.
  • We are working with our librarian, Mrs Kindness, to develop our Anti-Racism library and hope to develop a whole school Anti-Racism pledge. 
  • Please see Mrs Cooper or Miss Wilson for more details.

Cost of the School Day 
  • We are a new group set up to tackle the rising costs of the school day. 
  • We have spoken to our school community over the tannoy about the cost of the school day. 
  • We also raise awareness of Challenge Poverty Week and encouraged our peers to take part in the Challenge Poverty Week’s Big Question via Teams.