Values for Life

In Holyrood Secondary faith permeates everything we do. Within teaching and learning, we promote relationships of mutual respect, trust and care for others.  

Using Values for Life, Gospel Values, daily in our words, thoughts and actions, each one of us is positively equipped to meet the needs of others in our school, home, place of worship and wider society – locally and globally.    

Through promotion of these Gospel values, our community of faith is strengthened through formation of the whole person.  

We foster a nurturing environment of compassion and gentleness to all our young people who are included, cared for and valued.   

Through participation in celebration of liturgy, prayer and worship, we continue our journey of faith.  

Within our inclusive ethos we honour life, dignity of each person who is made in the image of God. Furthermore, we respect beliefs and cultures different from our own, with the opportunity for interfaith dialogue.  Using our service, we promotion of social justice and the common good.