We urge parents to support the majority view that uniform should be worn in Holyrood.

The Holyrood uniform consists of the following:

  • A navy blue blazer with school badge;
  • A school tie;
  • A white school shirt/blouse;
  • Grey pleated skirt/Grey trousers;
  • Black shoes
  • Holyrood Hoodie ‘Roody’/grey plain jumper.

P.E. Kit

Al pupils participate in Physical Education regularly.  To participate fully they should bring suitable clothing and footwear specifically for P.E. lessons.  We try to encourage all pupils to wear a uniform P.E. kit which consists of the following:

  • A white T-shirt/Holyrood PE top
  • Navy/Black/Grey shorts or joggers
  • Swimming costume or Swimming shorts (for lessons in the pool).

If a pupil is for any reason unable to participate in the P.E. lesson, then a Parental Note should be provided, however the pupil should bring in their P.E. kit and they will be given some light tasks to do such as timing, refereeing, helping out with equipment.

Holyrood Hoodies in navy and grey.
Holyrood Blazers have a blue trim for S5/6 pupils.