Teaching and Learning

Welcome to our teaching and learning page. This is the place to learn more about the techniques used to enable every pupil in our school to reach their full potential. Search for our Twitter page for more updates each week “Holyrood Teaching&Learning” or @HolyroodTeachi1.

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Teaching & Learning Techniques

Our school has been following Dylan William’s Formative Assessment techniques alongside the Tapestry Partnership. Teacher Learning Communities were set up to learn the techniques and we are now in the process of embedding these techniques into our lessons. Our school is part of a trio including Springburn Academy and St. Thomas Aquinas where teachers visit each others schools to see these techniques in action and hold focus groups with pupils to gauge the impact on pupils learning. The 5 key strategies are:

  1. Clarifying, Sharing and Understanding Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
  2. Eliciting Evidence of learners’ achievement
  3. Providing Feedback that moves learning forward
  4. Activating students as instructional resources for one another
  5. Activating Students as owners of their own learning

Examples of Teaching and Learning

Use of a visualizer to mark homework. Teacher marks the homework live whilst pupils peer assess their partner’s work.


Pupils get to see the teacher’s thinking, as well as see what a good piece of work looks like.




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