Standards for Success

Holyrood’s Standards for Success have been developed to support all young people and staff, through ensuring greater consistency across the school in promoting and nurturing high aspirations, beliefs, and levels of engagement. These three factors are key to success in school and in life beyond school.

Positive relationships and respect play a central role in enabling all within our school community to achieve their very best. The core principles of Holyrood’s Standards for Success are: Aspire, Believe and Communicate.

You can find more information on the Standards For Success by clicking here.


Rewarding Success - Merits

The Seemis Merit system has been introduced to recognise, encourage and reinforce positive relationships and behaviour. It provides a formal record of positive conduct.
The Merit system will also form the basis of the proposed new Broad General Education Awards ceremony which will aim to reward engagement and hard work as well as excellence in achieving The Holyrood Standards for Success.
All staff members are encouraged to recognise and reward those individuals who perform in line with and those who go ‘above and beyond’ the expectations that we have for all of our pupils.
All staff and pupils should strive to create a culture which celebrates and reinforces engagement in learning and the positive behaviours and attitudes which are central to achieving success.

Rewarding Success Post Cards:

Teachers will review pupils Merits on a regular basis (each term) and the young people who have consistently been awarded Merits will receive a Praise Postcard to take home. The A5 Rewarding Success postcards were designed by our Art department and the School Office, with each subject having their own postcard.