SFA Football Performance School

Holyrood RC Secondary School is delighted to be 1 of only 7 SFA Performance Schools nationally, and the only one in Glasgow.

As part of the Scottish FA’s £15m Performance Strategy, these schools have been selected to house the cream of Scotland’s talented young footballers.

The SFA has outlined the following strategy.

They will marry their football education with their normal curriculum as part of the Scottish FA’s commitment to elite player development.

Seven coaches have been appointed to work in conjunction with the schools and the players’ clubs to enhance their technical skills at a key stage of their development.
Brian McLaughlin, the former Celtic winger, has been assigned as coach to the Holyrood squad.

Each squad will take up to 20 of the most talented under-12 players in their region – both boys and girls – and provide a minimum of five extra coaching sessions focusing on skills development. Over a four-year period, this will provide the most talented young footballers throughout the country with an extra 800 sessions.

Led by Performance Director Mark Wotte, the Regional Performance Schools will be the crown jewels.

Here at Holyrood we truly hope that the SFA’s vision for development of a future National Squad from this group of young people can come to fruition. We look forward to Holyrood providing a string of future Scottish Internationalists.

We are delighted to be part of this initiative and, almost a year and a half down the line already, are delighted not only at the skills development of our SFA school students in Holyrood but also at the way they have become an integral part of our school community.

Please click on the following link for enrollment details for 2017/18.