Genius Bar

What is it?

Genius Bar is an iPad support desk run by our Digital Ambassadors. If you have a technical issue you can go and get help for your problem. 

When is Genius Bar open?

Genius Bar is open for the final 30 minutes of pupil’s lunch break (S1-S3 this is from 1.30-2.00pm, S4-6 this is from 12.40-1.10pm).

Where can you find Genius Bar?

Genius bar is located within the FuelZone towards the side of the Maths corridor. If you can’t find it ask a teacher to point it out to you. 

Can I become a Digital Ambassador?

Each year we take on new Digital Ambassadors (DA’s) who help run the Genius Bar as well as take part in exciting digital opportunities. This year our DA’s helped out at Family Games Night and were involved in leading guest staff from another school around different classes. 
The current project DA’s are working on is to use a drone to capture routes around our school to help new S1 navigate their way aroud.