Extra Curricular Activities Programme 22-23

Please see below the Extra Curricular Activities programme available during lunch times and after school.

Day Time Target Group Club Venue
Mon 1st Lunch S4-6 Reading Schools Committee Eng 14
Mon 1st Lunch S4-6 Orchestra Music 5
Mon 2nd Lunch S1/2 Craft/Games & HW Club Conference Room
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 Reading Schools Committee Eng 14
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 Brass Music 3
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 Ukelele Music 4
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 Ceilidh Music 1
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 BGE Chess Club ML5
Mon 3.45pm-3.50pm All Rugby Pitches
Mon 3.45pm-3.50pm S4-6 Basketball Sports Hall Games Hall
Mon 8am All Grade 5 Theory Music 4
Mon 3.45pm-3.50pm s1/2 Swimming Pool
Tue 1.30pm S1 Science Lab
Tue 1st Lunch S4-6 Choir M4
Tue 3.45pm-3.50pm S1/2 Basketball Sports Centre Games Hall
Tue 3.45pm-3.50pm S1/2 Holyrood Football Academy Pitches
Tue 2nd Lunch S1/2 Craft/Games & HW Club Conference Room
Tue 2nd Lunch S1-3 BGE Green Club ML1
Wed 1st Lunch S4-6 Rock Music 2
Wed 1st Lunch S4-6 Girls Choir Art 8
Wed 1st Lunch S4-6 Boys Choir Music 4
Wed 1st Lunch S4-6 Acappella Group Art 8
Wed 2nd Lunch S1-3 Junior Choir Music 3
Wed 2nd Lunch S1-3 Crossword Club English 3
Wed 3.45pm-3.50pm All Hip Hop Dance Dance Studio
Wed 3.45pm-3.50pm S1 Netball Games Hall
Wed 3.45pm-3.50pm S1-3 BGE Poetry Club Eng 9
Wed 3.45pm-3.50pm s2-6 Netball Games Hall
Thu  1.10pm-2.00pm  S1-3 Sumdog Club  Library
Thu 1.15pm S1-3 Drama DS5/DS6
Thu 1.30PM S1-3 Rosary RE4
Thu 1st Lunch S4-6 Games Development Club IT2
Thu 1st Lunch S4-6 Ceilidh Music 3
Thu 1st Lunch S4-6 String Music 5
Thu 2.50pm-3.50pm  All Debating Society Conference Room
Thu 2.50pm-3.50pm All Equalities Alliance SS8
Thu 2nd Lunch S1-3 Games Development Club IT2
Thu 2nd Lunch S1-3 Jazz Art 8
Thu 2nd Lunch S1-3 Homework Club RE2
Thu 3pm-4pm All Dance Dance Studio
Thu 3pm-4pm S1 Fitness Club Fitness Suite
Thu 3pm-4pm S1/2 Badminton Games Hall
Thu 3pm-4pm S3 Basketball Games Hall
Thu 2nd Lunch S1-3 Languages Club ML2
Thu 2.50pm-3.50pm All Study Sanctuary ML2
Fri 1st Lunch S4-6 Soul Band Music 4
Fri 2nd Lunch S1/2 Craft/Games & HW Club Conference Room
Fri 2nd Lunch S1-3 Orchestra Music 5
Fri 3pm-4pm All Cricket Games Hall/Pitches
Fri 3pm-4pm All Girls Football Pitches