Staff Contacts


The Head Teacher (Mrs S Watson) can be contacted at the school email address which is: Headteacher@holyrood-

Depute Head Teachers:

In addition, our six Depute Head Teachers have responsibilities as follows:

S1 Pupils – Mr Roy

S2 Pupils – Miss Gardner

S3 Pupils – Mrs McMahon

S4 Pupils – Mrs Brady

S5 Pupils – Mrs Byrne

S6 Pupils – Mr Quinn

*Mrs Brady is the Child Protection Officer at Holyrood Secondary.

Pastoral Care

Your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher is usually your first point of contact should you wish to discuss the progress of your child at school, pass on information or share any concerns.

There are 11 Pastoral Care Teachers at Holyrood Secondary School, each has responsibility for the pastoral support of the young people in their caseload, of around 200 pupils. Pastoral Care Teachers have responsibility for pupils in the following classes: 

If you wish to contact your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher, please do so through the school office on 0141 582 0120. The Pastoral Care Teacher will be very happy to set up an appointment with you and return any phone messages as soon as practically possible, though please be aware that all Pastoral Care Teachers also have a significant teaching commitment. You can also contact your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher via email.

Pastoral Care Teachers meet regularly with their pupils through their time in school and also when conducting interviews at certain points during the school year, usually after a report is issued. Young people are encouraged to raise any issues with their Pastoral Care Teacher so they can be supported at the earliest opportunity.

Other useful school contacts include our SfL, EAL and Nurture PT’s:

Support for Learning (SfL):

Mr Lang is the P.T. of Support for Learning:

English as an Additional Language (EAL):

Mrs Cooper is the PT of EAL:


Mrs McCann is the PT of Nurture:


Please note that, as with the Pastoral Care Teachers, all of the Depute Head Teachers and PT’s have a teaching commitment so may not be available when you contact the school office but they will get back to you as soon as they can.