Modern Languages Film review

4 pupils (Mame Ndga, Wiktora Harazin, Andreui Bobecia, and Jabin Mohan) and 4 pupils from Bellahouston Secondary visited Germany as part of an Etwinning project in conjunction with Glasgow Museums education department and specifically the Brushes with War project at the Kevlingrove Museum.

We visited 2 schools in Nuremberg-Hans Sachs Gymnasium an academic school and  Wirtschaftsschule a vocational school. We had a reception at the Rauthaussal (Mayors office) building on the long standing links between Glasgow and Nuremberg . we also had the opportunity to visit a special WW1 exhibition at the Army Museum in the town of Ingolstadt, the National Museum in Nuremberg and the Documentation centre and buildings on the site of the former Nazi Party rallies in Nuremberg. As well as all this we enjoyed the kind hospitality of our German friends and visited a number of restaurants including a traditional Franconia restaurant Pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the trip and we look forward to hosting our German friends on the return visit to Glasgow in November