Extra Curricular Activities Programme

Please see below the programme of Extra Curricular Activities available for young people at lunch times and the end of the school day.

Day Time Target Group Club Venue
Mon 1st Lunch S4-6 Reading Schools Committee Eng 14
Mon 1st Lunch S4-6 Orchestra Music 5
Mon 2nd Lunch S1/2 Craft/Games & HW Club Conference Room
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 Reading Schools Committee Eng 14
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 Brass Music 3
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 Ukelele Music 4
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 Ceilidh Music 1
Mon 2nd Lunch S1-3 BGE Chess Club ML5
Mon 3.45pm-3.50pm All Rugby Pitches
Mon 3.45pm-3.50pm S4-6 Basketball Sports Hall Games Hall
Mon 8am All Grade 5 Theory Music 4
Mon 3.45pm-3.50pm s1/2 Swimming Pool
Tue 1.30pm S1 Science Lab
Tue 1st Lunch S4-6 Choir M4
Tue 3.45pm-3.50pm S1/2 Basketball Sports Centre Games Hall
Tue 3.45pm-3.50pm S1/2 Holyrood Football Academy Pitches
Tue 2nd Lunch S1/2 Craft/Games & HW Club Conference Room
Tue 2nd Lunch S1-3 BGE Green Club ML1
Wed 1st Lunch S4-6 Rock Music 2
Wed 1st Lunch S4-6 Girls Choir Art 8
Wed 1st Lunch S4-6 Boys Choir Music 4
Wed 1st Lunch S4-6 Acappella Group Art 8
Wed 2nd Lunch S1-3 Junior Choir Music 3
Wed 2nd Lunch S1-3 Crossword Club English 3
Wed 3.45pm-3.50pm All Hip Hop Dance Dance Studio
Wed 3.45pm-3.50pm S1 Netball Games Hall
Wed 3.45pm-3.50pm S1-3 BGE Poetry Club Eng 9
Wed 3.45pm-3.50pm s2-6 Netball Games Hall
Thu  1.10pm-2.00pm  S1-3 Sumdog Club  Library
Thu 1.15pm S1-3 Drama DS5/DS6
Thu 1.30PM S1-3 Rosary RE4
Thu 1st Lunch S4-6 Games Development Club IT2
Thu 1st Lunch S4-6 Ceilidh Music 3
Thu 1st Lunch S4-6 String Music 5
Thu 2.50pm-3.50pm  All Debating Society Conference Room
Thu 2.50pm-3.50pm All Equalities Alliance SS8
Thu 2nd Lunch S1-3 Games Development Club IT2
Thu 2nd Lunch S1-3 Jazz Art 8
Thu 2nd Lunch S1-3 Homework Club RE2
Thu 3pm-4pm All Dance Dance Studio
Thu 3pm-4pm S1 Fitness Club Fitness Suite
Thu 3pm-4pm S1/2 Badminton Games Hall
Thu 3pm-4pm S3 Basketball Games Hall
Thu 2nd Lunch S1-3 Languages Club ML2
Thu 2.50pm-3.50pm All Study Sanctuary ML2
Fri 1st Lunch S4-6 Soul Band Music 4
Fri 2nd Lunch S1/2 Craft/Games & HW Club Conference Room
Fri 2nd Lunch S1-3 Orchestra Music 5
Fri 3pm-4pm All Cricket Games Hall/Pitches
Fri 3pm-4pm All Girls Football Pitches