The Course develops candidates curiosity, interest and enthusiasm for chemistry in a range of contexts. The skills of scientific inquiry and investigation are developed throughout the Course, and the relevance of chemistry is highlighted by the study of the applications of chemistry in everyday contexts.

Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for learners who have experienced learning across the sciences experiences and outcomes. The course may be suitable for those wishing to study chemistry for the first time.

This course has a skills-based approach to learning. It takes account of the needs of all learners and provides sufficient flexibility to enable learners to achieve in different ways.

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Chemistry is vital to everyday life and allows us to understand and shape the world in which we live. You will learn about the applications of chemistry in everyday contexts such as medicine, energy and industry, as well as its impact on the environment and sustainability. You will learn how to think creatively and independently, and analyse and solve problems.

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This course develops scientific understanding of issues relating to chemistry, and uses the development of chemical theory to provide you with an extensive set of skills. Through application of a detailed knowledge and understanding of chemical concepts, in practical situations, you will develop an appreciation of the impact of chemistry on everyday life.

The course consists of four compulsory units and the course assessment unit.

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