This course provides you with the opportunity to develop your creativity and apply your understanding of design practice, function and aesthetics, through independent thinking and self-directed study. You will explore and research challenging design contexts, issues and opportunities while developing individual creativity and technical skills, through exploration and the creative use of design materials, equipment, techniques and /or technology.

In the S3 and S4 Art & Design course pupils will work within the Experiences and Outcomes of CfE Level 4 to further develop the skills and concepts explored in S1 & S2 whilst preparing for possible presentation at National 4 or 5 in S4.

This course in Art and Design will help pupils to appreciate and understand ‘Expressive’ and ‘Design’ Art. It will also allow students to problem solve, think and work independently, develop critical understanding and communicate confidently with teachers and peers.

Our course is split into three sections:

  • Expressive Unit
  • Design Unit
  • Art and Design Studies

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National 4:
National 5:


The purpose of the Course is to provide a broad practical experience of Art and Design and related critical activity. The Course gives pupils opportunities to be inspired and creatively challenged as they explore how to visually represent and communicate their personal thoughts, ideas and feelings through their work. Learners will analyse the factors influencing artists’ and designers’ work and practice. They will use this understanding when developing and producing their own creative and personal expressive work.

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Photography is an important form of visual communication. Imagine a world without it and you’ll realise just how widely photographic, and particularly digital, images are used in a range of sectors and industries, from advertising and printing to broadcasting and film making.

Photographs are widely used in our everyday lives to capture important events, people, places and situations. We also use them to help us to understand the world around us and to express our ideas, thoughts and feelings in an artistic way.

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