Home Economics

Home Economics focuses on health, food and textiles. As a department we create a positive and enjoyable environment in which pupils at all stages can enjoy both practical and theoretical classes. Courses are designed to challenge all pupils as it is very important to us that every pupil is given the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. The department believes that the courses it offers support and add value to pupils’ overall experience at school.

Courses offered provide pupils with:

The pupils’ experiences in our department equip them with the knowledge and skills required to be successful academically but also prepare them for life beyond school.

This course aims to further develop candidates’ life skills and enhance their personal
effectiveness in terms of cookery and to provide a set of skills for those who wish to progress
to further study in the hospitality context. In preparing candidates for life, the course
anticipates their future needs and enables them to learn how to plan, prepare and cook food
for themselves and others.

For further details – https://www.npfs.org.uk/downloads/n5-hospitality-practical-cookery/


Health and Food Technology Course focuses on health, the influence of food and its nutritional properties, and the dietary needs of individuals. It also focuses on the application of safe, hygienic and informed practices in food preparation.

For further details (National 5) – https://www.npfs.org.uk/downloads/health-food-technology-national-5/

For further details (Higher) – https://www.npfs.org.uk/downloads/higher-health-and-food-technology/

The course builds on the principles and practice and the relevant experiences and outcomes
for the technologies and health and wellbeing curriculum areas. It enables candidates to
participate in engaging, motivating learning experiences, to develop and demonstrate highly
imaginative techniques in the production of cakes and other baked items.

For further details –https://www.sqa.org.uk/files_ccc/N5CourseSpecPracticalCakeCraft.pdf