Malawi Project

This partnership has been described by Lord MacConnell, Former First Minister, as one of the very best examples of a Scotland / Malawi partnership. We have now, as of November 2016, built over 30 new classrooms , 2 school libraries, 2 Units for children with additional support needs plus a toilet for children with physical disability. We have refurbished and decorated 2 Mary’s Meals under 6 Feeding Centres. In addition we have refurbished and decorated with learning materials over 40 other classrooms. I have visited Malawi with our groups of young people over the past 5 years and I note below how we plan to continue the work of previous teams at a number of centres around the City of Blantyre, Malawi. Holyrood works in close partnership with the charity, Mary’s Meals, whose ambition is to feed the starving children of the world but to do so specifically in  a place of education. They seek to encourage children to attend school by ensuring they have a life-giving meal in school each day. As a result, our partner schools are well attended and children receive a life saving daily meal and invaluable education. In some of those areas where Mary’s Meals work to improve attendance, Holyrood RC Secondary’s work has been to provide more and better accommodation to meet the needs of better attended schools. Accommodation, however, continues to be critically short and in extremely poor condition. All Malawi Team members for 2018 must raise funds themselves to pay for fares and accommodation.

Donations for the Holyrood Secondary School Malawi Project can be made at any time by contacting the Head Teacher at the school or by simply sending a donation, clearly marked as being for the Malawi Project, to the school [cheques to Holyrood Secondary School Fund {Malawi Project} ].